So the story goes... In 2007, King Albert II of Belgium mandated the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs to bring his authentic (and very scrumptious) Liege & Brussels wafels to the NYC streets. And so, the first Wafels & Dinges yellow food truck was born! The goal: Give America's "Belgian Waffles" a serious upgrade.

Ever since, Wafels & Dinges expanded to multiple food trucks, carts, and kiosks and have served millions of delicious dinges (Belgian slang for "whatchamacallit" aka the delicious toppings, see menu below) and countless happy smiles on the NYC streets.

Wafels & Dinges is arguably the most award-winning truck in New York City, including the following prestigious titles: Best Dessert, 2009 Vendy Awards + Winner, 2010 Throwdown with Bobby Flay + Best Dessert Truck in America, 2013 The Daily Meal.

With dinges like spekuloos cookie crumble, Belgian chocolate fudge, nutella, and whipped cream, it's no wonder that they're a favorite for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, office parties, and all sorts of events. Everyone ♥s the Wafels & Dinges!