What we do – Food Truck Wedding Catering

You already know we here at the NYFTA have curated the most diverse and delicious assortment of New York food vendors. With the finest foods from every corner of the food pyramid represented, from burritos to bulgogi, and even bulgogi burritos. All of our vendors specialties make every day special, so you can only imagine how special they can make your special day.

Photo via. Kitchen Treaty

Photo via. Kitchen Treaty

When it comes to planning a wedding there are a million details, big and small to consider. Obviously the most important of these: the food, and that’s where we come in.  From beginning to end we are there to make sure everything is planned and cooked to perfection.


Stress free booking, where you tell us what you want, and we sort the details. We can even help with custom menu’s whether that means accommodating particular diet restrictions, providing Glatt Kosher options, or just want the menu to represent your journey on your big day – use your imagination, and we’ll make it happen.

Having been in the food truck business for ever 10 years, we have seen it all. These trucks are not just people we hire, there are friends, and they re ready to proved the most top-notch service and quality, sure to serve of tons of smiles, and keep them coming back for more. Best of all, forget about dealing with paperwork – we handle all the details from making sure trucks are properly insured, to all the billing details – so you can focus on having a perfect day, and an even better honeymoon.


-Ypur Friends at the New York Food Truck Association


It’s one of those gorgeous February days, snow falling slowly from the sky covering the city in a romantic blanket of white. Everything slows down for a minute and you can just soak up the beauty winter in the city has to offer. Then comes slush, nothing like a nice heavy mid day rain to perfectly pair with the icy tundra, and as you wade through the slush on your way to work, it’s time to think about what will be making this all worth while. Here are some more of our favorite food truck lunches, to make having left the house this morning worth it.


DUB Pies

With a warm flaky savory pie, you can pretend you’re relaxing down under, chowing on some of the finest meats and veggies we can get in the city. All wrapped up in a warm steamy pie. DUB Pies, the down under bakery, has spots all around the city to serve you up something that will warm your belly and soul when you’re frozen to the bone. A perfect winter treat, that will make you want summer to stay away a bit longer.


The Empanada Sonata

Music to out taste buds, another flaky hand held favorite: The Empanada Sonata, dishes out perfectly golden brown nuggets of warm tasty goodness. Stuffed with pulled pork, Cajun shrimp, and even warm Nutella and banana to satisfy that sweet tooth – these small but mighty concoctions bring the heat.


Korilla BBQ

Sometimes when your toes are frozen solid, the only thing that can thaw them out is some nice spicy bulgogi. Korilla BBQ is Korean comfort at its finest. Tacos, burritos, and bowls, whatever form you want your BBQ in – it’s sure to please.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association 

Why You Should Eat Lunch Outside This Winter

Here we find ourselves again, right smack dab in the middle of winter. The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and sometime all you want to do is stay inside all day. But if you’re like the other eight or so million of us here in New York City, staying home is not an option. When you’re struggling to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, remember there is something great waiting for you just beyond your bed.  Lunch. Here we’ve gone and compiled a list of some of our favorite food trucks that make us actually want to go outside, even in the middle of February in New York.


Bex Waffles

Do you wake up every morning dreaming of fresh, fluffy, warm waffles? If you’re like millions of other New Yorkers it likely you do – but it’s a bit less likely that someone is whipping up a fresh batch in your kitchen. After a long morning of coffee and dry croissants, when lunch comes around we are ready to sprint to Bex. These waffles can make even the smallest cubicle feel like a luxurious comfy cabin in the woods. But you do have to go back to work…


Home Frite

Would you like fries with that? If “that” is this cold blustery day, or well, anything really – the answer is yes. Home Frite has been frying up some of the tastiest most original concoctions in the city. Each batch fried to perfection, and customized just to your taste. Try to truffle fries, it’s like a five start dining experience you can hold in one hand, and their handy (very aesthetically pleasing)  French fry holders are great for multitasking, or racking up the insta likes.

But that’s jus the tip of the ice-berg, or in this case (New York City) the giant mound of frozen ice your jumping over on your way to work. We’ll be back next week with even more reasons to get out there this winter.

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association



Andy's Italian Ices

As soon as you see the uber-recognizable rainbow truck, you know you’re in for a treat.  Andy’s Italian Ices is one of our all time favorite dessert trucks in the city, and they’ve just added a second cart to their fleet.  Andy’s truck evokes the feelings of unadulterated joy we would experience as kids hearing an ice cream truck pull up on our street.  Along with their 35 plus tasty flavors of Italian ice – the truck acts as a mobile Espresso Bar, so you can feel like a grown up after taking that trip down memory lane.


Their scrumptious repertoire of flavors includes Italian favorites, American classics, and even sugar free options. Everything from Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake, Swedish Fish, and Sicilian Cannoli for that truly Italian experience.


Andy’s has lots of great ideas to promote your business – they provide white-label branding of our Italian Ice desserts for your event so you can effectively get your brand seen and/or get your message out.

They also make house calls, to bring their sweet sweet Ices to your next event, and it’s only a click away.

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association


Drumroll please… introducing the worlds very first Eco Friendly Food Truck, Neapolitan Express! This awesome concept was officially launched in 2013 here in New York City, introduced to the world by energy innovators and business tycoons T. Boone Pickens and our own Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The truck is powered entirely by alternative energies, and emits 99% less greenhouse gases than the usual truck – you’re welcome Mother Nature.  Their patent-pending fueling technology is able to fully power all truck operations, from zooming around the city, to cooking up a tasty pie – all while cutting down on pollutants it would be emitting into the city.  


On top of all that environmental impact – the Neapolitan Express pizza truck allows for a safe environment for their workers, and all of us, allowing for the best possible food quality, simpler, safer and faster service. And their fleet is expanding, since their launch they have pioneered their clean energy design to over 30 new eco-friendly pizza trucks, changing the mobile kitchen game forever.


Now let’s talk toppings.  The Neapolitan Express sticks to their credo, “Fast Food should be Good Food.” Each pizza is prepared with the finest organic ingredients, additive, preservative, and GMO free (and their staple ingredient the Marzano Tomato imported direct from Italy.  With all the classics you’d expect like Margherita, and Bianca, and an enticing plethora of fresh add-ons, it’s impossible to go wrong. Oh and with their state of the art oven technology, every pizza is ready in 90 seconds,  now that hits the spot.

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association 

Melt Bakery

The brainchild of a NYC pastry chef, and a finance trained idea guy – Melt Bakery has become the city’s go to for delicious ice cream sandwiches. Born in the summer of 2010, with just enough cash for ingredients and a kitchen rental, and a sweet (pun intended) mission: to create delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches, and serve them up with equally great customer service.  The profits from the first day of sales were used to buy more ingredients, and more kitchen time, thusly came more ice cream sandwiches, more ingredients and just like that Melt Bakery came to be.

Photo Via: eatingwithziggy.com

Photo Via: eatingwithziggy.com

The beautiful marriage of ice cream and cookies is in as many ways simple as it is complex. With scrumptious sandwiches ranging everywhere from classics like vanilla between chocolate chip cookie, to more adventurous concoctions like the Morticia. Think malted chocolate rum ice cream between crackly chocolate cookies, the crackly chocolate cookie tastes like the inside of a rich and creamy ice cream cake, while the malted chocolate rum ice cream is exquisite and full of deep and delicious flavor reminiscent of childhood milkshakes. Needless to Melt has something to tantalize anyone’s taste buds.

0006 EE Melt photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales.jpg

With locations all over the city, it’s no wonder Melt has become the authority on NYC desserts. Spreading their sweetness everywhere form Madison Square Park, all the way down to SoHo, and across the river to DUMBO there’s a sweet treat waiting for you in every corner of the city. But don’t just treat yourself! Melt is the perfect treat for an office party, birthday party, or just because for you and whoever you want to share some sweetness with. The melty chewy goodness is just a click away from making your next event, the sweetest one yet.  

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

5 Best Food Trucks For Warming Up


New York City’s tiny piece of the troposphere is undergoing an unhappy phase of piercing winds and freezing cold air. Snow smothers the streets. Thin coats of ice now glaze parts of the sidewalk where small puddles once were, and hapless pedestrians throughout all five boroughs are probably slipping on these frozen traps and falling backwards on their butts right now, as you read this blog.

Yet no matter how dangerous the roads may be, or how dried up and numb our faces are from the cold, we still must get things done! If you still have to make that daily trek to work, then consider stopping at one of these gourmet trucks for a quick bite of warm, delicious comfort food. Shiver not, the New York Food Truck Association has got you covered.

 Here is a sample of five of our best picks:

 Mac Truck:

Of course a truck dedicated to mac and cheese, arguably the comfiest of all comfort foods, must lead this list. Celebrity Chef Dom Tesoriero’s Mac Truck serves a heavenly assortment of gut warming (and filling) renditions of this American staple snack. The classic, plain macaroni and cheese is great for first-timers; but, for an extra layer of flavor, try the cheeseburger or pulled pork variations. How can you go wrong with melted cheese on a wintry day?

Monster Coffee:

Everything is easier with coffee on a frigid morning. Walking to and from work. Shopping for winter clothes at a department store or for allergy medicine at a pharmacy. Why settle for boring chain-store coffee when you can warm your bones with a drip, latté, cappuccino, tea, or hot chocolate, from the most fun coffee and pastry truck in town? A steaming cup of coffee delivers the heat and the energy necessary to pull through this long season.


Everyone’s favorite hot dog stand is wonderful year-round, but Nathan’s scrumptious chili and cheese toppings are necessary now more than ever. Choosing to spoil yourself with a hot dog drenched in chili is truly an act of self-care when it is 12 degrees outside and your pinkie is freezing off. This is also the kind of snack to surprise your co-workers with, if you happen upon this NYFTA darling!Souvlaki GR:

Souvlaki GR:

When it’s this cold, I sometimes visualize myself tanning in July on a sun-dappled beach in Athens, Greece. The crystal blue waves of the Aegean Sea lap against my feet as I sprawl my limbs out on a sandy shore. Rays of heat emanate from the sun and radiate off the rocks and stony sidewalks. It helps to chow on a warm pita or bifteki sandwich from Souvlaki GR when I play this imagination game. Give it try. You won’t be disappointed.

Gorilla Cheese:

 The list begins and ends with melted cheese cuisine, because how could it not? 2018 should be about self-care and the small joys that make up a fulfilling life, and delicious cheesy treats always manage to soothe and satisfy my soul. Gorilla Cheese NYC is my favorite grilled cheese truck—it has a phenomenal menu with customization options that will either overwhelm you with choices or lead you to build the sandwich of your dreams. Want the decision making done for you? This truck also carries a long list of specialty sandwiches with a range of cheeses, like brie, asiago, muenster, mozzarella, and parmesan. Vegetarians are also sure to find something perfect for them here.

Stay warm New Yorkers!

Brooklyn Popcorn Takes a Classic Snack to a Whole New Level

Popcorn is the kind of snack that almost anyone can enjoy. It’s bite-sized, weightless, fun to eat; you can toss it in the air and catch it with your mouth! When I hear that crackling pop sound and smell that buttery fragrance emanating from a microwave, my tummy rumbles. I mean, how can anyone resist splurging on popcorn when they go out to the movies? If you’re like me, you probably devour the whole bag within the film’s first twenty minutes!


But of course, the cinema is not the only place where we can enjoy popcorn, and the folks behind Brooklyn Popcorn, the best gourmet popcorn truck in town, know this well. Thank goodness they do!

Brooklyn Popcorn has brought delicious renditions of this staple snack to New York since 2012. With 18 different flavors ranging from savory to sweet, they are bound to have something to satisfy your cravings. Their classic flavors—plain, cheddar, and caramel—are wonderful, of course. But what makes Brooklyn Popcorn’s menu stand out, and a big reason why the New York Food Truck Association loves it so much, are its more innovative offerings. Try their Spicy Cajun, a popcorn imbued with the flavors and flair of Mardi Gras. Ranch and Sour Cream and Chives are perfect options for anyone who adores savory foods. They also serve up some delicious blends. The Brooklyn, New York, and Windy City mixes combine various seasonings into a heavenly harmony of flavors.


NYFTA admires chefs who can seamlessly put a gourmet twist on a beloved snack, and surely, Brooklyn Popcorn takes this American classic to a whole new level. This would be the perfect truck to order for a film release party or a large family event, and if you happen to be around Mid-town, be sure to pay Brooklyn Popcorn a visit! You can also check out their wonderful flavors online and custom order your own 3-gallon tin.

But hey, you don’t need to take my word for the quality of Brooklyn Popcorn. Ask Tori and Mike, who posted a comment on www.brooklynpopcorn.com, saying, “BEST popcorn I have EVER EVER EVER EVER had!!!!”

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

Mr. Bing From Beijing

New York is filled with so many different types of cuisines, and thusly the NYC food truck scene is as diverse as they come. Lately there has been a heavy emphasis on Asian street food and Asian fusion dishes (our bellies couldn’t be happier). We’re excited to announce our newest #NYFTA member Mr. Bing's – bringing a fresh new flavor to our streets.


Mr. Bing’s specialty: Bings! Not familiar with the Bing yet?  A Bing (or 'jianbing', 煎饼) as it’s known back east, is a Northern Chinese street crepe, folded into the form of a sandwich for easy enjoyment. Bing’s have been around for a long time, about 2000 years according to legend… During the Three Kingdoms period in China (220-280 A.D.) Zhuge Liang had to feed an entire army of soldiers that had lost their woks. He ordered his soldiers to mix wheat flour and water on copper griddles over fire, and voila the ‘jianbing’ was born. The dish lifted the spirits of the soldiers, who were then able to fight their way to victory on a belly full of Bing's. Mr. Bing’s mission is to introduce America to his favorite Chinese treat.


Founder Brian Goldberg discovered his love for Bing's while studying Chinese in Beijing in 1998. Outside their class there was a nice lady who would make them fresh and sell them off the back of her bicycle cart, naturally they became a staple in their daily life so when it was time to come back to the states, they knew they had to bring the Bing's with them.

You can find Mr. Bing now in booths all around Manhattan, from Bryant Park all the way down to the East Village, and their mobile cart can be usually be found at Madison Square Park – or maybe even at your next event?

Let Us Cater Your Holiday

We are neck deep into the holiday season right now. In about a week and a half, Santa Claus will fly around the world, scale down chimneys, lay out presents and fill up stockings for families and pets (I don’t know about you, but my cats always get presents). It’s time to reflect on the people you love. Scrounge together some extra dollars and buy your daughter that videogame system!


But all of us in the working world know that this time of the year is not just about gifts. The holidays mean parties! Company dinners! Champagne, wine, and feasts! Need delicious food for your function? The New York Food Truck Association has got you covered.


Let’s face it. We all know that the holiday season is stressful. You have to close your books for the year, file everything in on deadline, and plan out a holiday office party to boot. When restaurants fill up fast and event spaces get booked months in advance, how does someone put together a delicious banquet at the last minute without obliterating the year-end budget? The easiest way to solve this predicament is to have us bring the food to you.

We have curated a phenomenal list of food trucks to pick from for your holiday soirée. Not only will the trucks cross the snow-covered streets and deliver cuisine to your building, NYFTA members will be on site making sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone gets their bellies full. Save the extra money it would take to rent out a venue or buy out a restaurant and spend it on wine!

Don’t worry about cooking food for guests at your upcoming dinner party either. Let us take care of it. Astonish your friends and family with a surprise entrance from an artisanal pizza, pie, or dessert truck. It would be the Christmas party that everyone will talk about.