New York Comic Con 2018

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Is Comic Con the new adult Halloween?

New York Comic Con is basically the pregame to the #1 costume holiday of the year but better. And instead of trick-or-treating for candy, cosplayers hop from food truck to food truck collecting savory treats to fuel up for the next panel.

If you were an attendee in years past and had the chance to stop by the Food Truck Village at the Javits Center, you know exactly what you are committing to for some of the best truck grub in the city all under one overhang! It’s all about strategy for large events just like NYCC.


Check out some of our favorite memories from this year!

See you next year!

Event Recap: 2018 Vendy Awards

“The Oscars of Street Food” has come and gone and we are STILL FULL. This past weekend, street vendors from across the boroughs came together on Governor’s Island for the annual cook off to celebrate what it means to be a successful small business. The NYFTA team had the privilege to stuff our faces again this year, support some of our favorite vendors and to scope out some new faces at the 2018 Vendy Awards.

It was a brisk Saturday and the perfect way to celebrate the First Day of Fall on Governor’s Island.

Food trucks and carts lined Colonel’s Row according to their nominee category, with music bumping and the smells of cultures mixing together wafting over the green space.


Photo Sep 22, 4 15 02 PM.jpg


Burmese Bites

Franky’s Souvlaki

Jianetto’s Pizza

El Saboroso De Aracataca

Royal Grill Halal Food *WINNER*

Photo Sep 22, 4 23 02 PM.jpg


Cheong Fun Rice Noodle Cart

Evelia’s Tamales Mexicanos

King David Tacos

Mama Jo’s Breakfast Cart *WINNER*

Saravanaa Bhavan

Photo Sep 22, 3 21 36 PM.jpg


Jak! Chinese

Makina Cafe

Mannahatta Mediterranean

Mr. Khao Man Gai

Nansense *WINNER*

Photo Sep 24, 2 06 32 PM.jpg



D’Abruzzo NYC *WINNER*

Hometown Spring Pancakes


Taste of Surabaya

Photo Sep 22, 3 07 46 PM.jpg


Baonanas *WINNER*

Bonsai Kakigori

Delmy’s Obleas

Malai Ice Cream

Twister Cake

Check out the Vendy’s instagram for more tagged photos from the weekend!

It has been an unofficial trend in recent years for Vendy Award winners to see a boom in their street vending or food truck business after being crowned in their respective categories ;)

We can’t wait to see how these small businesses grow with the support of their amazing community! Keep your eyes peeled.

Off to the Races

The horse racing season has arrived. Open that secret stash drawer where you keep all your loose twenty-dollar bills, pack light for a long day out, and head for the races to enjoy one of New York City’s oldest sports. 


Way out in Belmont Park this weekend is the annual Belmont Stakes event. This year is particularly special, a history in the making: the 150th horse racing champion will be crowned.

I’m sure, if you’re a big fan of horse racing, you’ve already figured out who’s the underdog, who should win, who will win, and who you’d bet on (hypothetically speaking). But knowing what to eat is important, too. The New York Food Truck Association will cater the event, so rest assured, you won’t have to sneak in a sad, squished PB&J into the venue this year. Here is a quick rundown of the NYFTA-approved trucks making a grand appearance at Belmont Stakes. They’ll all be parked at the Coors Light Food Truck Village. Take a gander!

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.53.04 AM.png


The Mac Truck

Classic comfort food executed with an artisanal flair. Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? Try the fried mac bites for a satisfying little snack.

Empanada Sonata

Not your typical empanada truck. There are over a dozen variations of this Latin classic to choose from, including some unusual flavors, like Thai Coconut Chicken and Broccoli Rabe.

Yaki Taco

Japanese yakitori ingredients and flavors, from Wasabi Chicken to Tonkatsu BBQ, are prepared as burritos and tacos with pico de gallo, Mexican cheese, and beans. Great for any adventurous flavor explorer.

Gary’s Steaks

I imagine this one will be a hit for many horse racing enthusiasts. The peerless philly-style steak sandwiches served here will pulverize your taste buds. You got to try a steak at Belmont Stakes!

Coney Shack

Check out Coney Shack for some Asian fusion hot dogs, tacos, and quesadillas. Try the Holy Phuc, a beef hotdog with beer-battered fish, lemongrass aioli, cheese, and tomato basil creole sauce.

Big D’s Grub

Sandwiches, rice platters, and tacos are served here with a few twists. You can try a sandwich prepared with bulgogi, spicy pork, or ginger chicken. A vegan option is also available for anyone with a special diet.

Chef Samir

Come here for some of the best Mediterranean food available on wheels. Grab a pocket pita or a bowl of cous cous filled with falafel, lemon chicken, or beef kofta brochette. You can also order a beef or lamb shawarma.

Deli N’ Dogz

The first ever kosher-style hot pastrami truck in NYC is not something to miss out on. Savor some corned beef or salami sandwiches. Try a frankfurter, too, while you’re at it,

Korilla BBQ

If you’ve been reading us, then you know that we at NYFTA rave about Korilla any chance we get. Who knew Korean BBQ and tacos could coexist in such a delicious way?

Phil’s Steaks

Don’t tell Gary, but Phil serves up some pretty good steak sandwiches too. The fries here are one of a kind. Maybe try a sandwich from Gary and Phil, and compare and contrast the scrumptious flavors?

Souvlaki GR

This fantastic Greek restaurant in the Lower East Side moonlights as a food truck, and you won’t regret trying out their menu at Belmont Stakes this weekend.


            If you’ve been scrolling through this list, just waiting to read the pizza option, well, here it is! What’s great about Valducci’s is they serve every style of this Italian staple food. Sicilian, Neopolitan, thin crust and thick crust... this truck does it all.

           Nuchas Empanada

            The artisanal empanadas at Nuchas are mind blowingly good. Don’t expect something generic and boring from these chefs. Their Seitan Al Pastor, with pineapple and chipotle, is marvelous.

            Softee Express

            Finish off your meal with some ice cream! Did you bring your kids along, and are they bugging you about dessert? If that’s the case, this is the truck for you.


Remember to pack some sunscreen!