Drumroll please… introducing the worlds very first Eco Friendly Food Truck, Neapolitan Express! This awesome concept was officially launched in 2013 here in New York City, introduced to the world by energy innovators and business tycoons T. Boone Pickens and our own Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The truck is powered entirely by alternative energies, and emits 99% less greenhouse gases than the usual truck – you’re welcome Mother Nature.  Their patent-pending fueling technology is able to fully power all truck operations, from zooming around the city, to cooking up a tasty pie – all while cutting down on pollutants it would be emitting into the city.  


On top of all that environmental impact – the Neapolitan Express pizza truck allows for a safe environment for their workers, and all of us, allowing for the best possible food quality, simpler, safer and faster service. And their fleet is expanding, since their launch they have pioneered their clean energy design to over 30 new eco-friendly pizza trucks, changing the mobile kitchen game forever.


Now let’s talk toppings.  The Neapolitan Express sticks to their credo, “Fast Food should be Good Food.” Each pizza is prepared with the finest organic ingredients, additive, preservative, and GMO free (and their staple ingredient the Marzano Tomato imported direct from Italy.  With all the classics you’d expect like Margherita, and Bianca, and an enticing plethora of fresh add-ons, it’s impossible to go wrong. Oh and with their state of the art oven technology, every pizza is ready in 90 seconds,  now that hits the spot.

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association