Top 5 New York Wedding Food Trucks of 2017

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, and wedding season fast approaching, we can’t help but stop and take a moment to think about love (and food). And Food Trucks we love, at weddings! So here is a list of our 2017 top 5 New York City food trucks for New York weddings, sure to fill the air with love and other sweet and savory scents.

1.The Empanada Sonata

Their flaky freshand flavorful empanadas are the perfect sweets for the special day with your sweetie.  Weather it’s Cajun Shrimp or Nutella and Banana your guests are craving, let empanadas do the singing and maybe scratch the 70’s love song cover band.

2.The Good Batch

If you like ice cream, and you like cookies, chances are you like ice cream sandwiches made with cookies. Who needs an open bar when you have The Good Batch dishing out bottomless rice crispy treat ice cream sandwiches… maybe we opt for both!


3. Korilla BBQ

One of the most widely recognized food trucks in the country. Sure to bring lots of flavor and fun. Certainly not your grandmas wedding catering. Oh and no wedding is complete without instagramable bulgogi tacos!



If you want to go the fool proof route, go with what you know. Steamy fresh pizza pies are sure to get everyone in the mood… No doubt about it.


5.Lukes Lobster

Of course if you have guests coming from all over, you will want to give them as authentic an East Coast Experiecne as possible. To do so look no further than fresh Maine Lobster rolls from Lukes Lobster.

 - Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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