Carnivale DONUT BAR


Carnivale Donut Bar combines two of our favorite things: Milkshakes & Donuts. Home to the "Over The Top" Shake, Carnivale takes delicious, unique milkshake flavors (think: s'mores or funfetti cake!) & tops them off with a mountain of toppings, including a full-size donut & several toppings (like sprinkles, oreos, whipped cream, chocolate sauce... hungry yet?). Carnivale also offers other unique donut recipes like Stuffed Mini Donuts, Mini Donut Trays & Ice Cream Donut Sandwiches (a must try in our opinion!). From the S’mores “Over the Top” Shake (S’mores Shake with Fire Roasted Marshmallow topped Donut on top), to their Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Donut Sandwich, the Carnivale Donut Bar is heaven for dessert lovers.