taco tuesday

Charge Ahead With El Toro Rojo

            Lavish, hearty, picturesque and mouthwatering—El Toro Rojo’s generously-sized taco platters embody everything the New York Food Truck Association looks for in street food. Every plate offers unique and tantalizing Oaxacan flavors. The plates are a marvel to look at. Each dish is portioned perfectly with an array of fresh, colorful ingredients and sauces. Pillowy quesadilias with sour cream and cheese! Fajita Bowls with a vibrant blend of peppers, beans, and rice! We at NYFTA know that life-affirming sense of joy when you walk away from a taco truck with a gorgeous heap of food and know immediately that what you are about to eat was not only affordable, but is about to strike your taste buds like lightning.

The truck is managed by Gabriel Apreza and his son Denis. They offer a no-frills, no-nonsense approach to Mexican street food: serve the people consistently with rich, authentic food; stay true to your recipe, hold fast to your roots.

The approach works. El Toro Rojo’s sleek black truck, emblazoned with a striking logo of a bull outlined in fiery red, can often be found parked on different corners and streets in Midtown. Droves of office workers, businesswomen and men, interns—the very people who grease the wheels of New York City’s unstoppable machinery—line up at lunchtime nearly every day for another chance to liberate themselves with El Toro Rojo’s delicious nachos, burritos, and sopes.

The bull is a symbol of strength. They are bold, tough—they can overtake you by surprise. We at NYFTA find it fitting that one of the best taco trucks in town is named after such a vigorous, majestic animal. We also believe that, much like the bull, Gabriel and Denis Apreza’s business will endure and continue to be as robust as ever.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association @NYFTA