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New York Comic Con 2018

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Is Comic Con the new adult Halloween?

New York Comic Con is basically the pregame to the #1 costume holiday of the year but better. And instead of trick-or-treating for candy, cosplayers hop from food truck to food truck collecting savory treats to fuel up for the next panel.

If you were an attendee in years past and had the chance to stop by the Food Truck Village at the Javits Center, you know exactly what you are committing to for some of the best truck grub in the city all under one overhang! It’s all about strategy for large events just like NYCC.


Check out some of our favorite memories from this year!

See you next year!

Great Steaks at Gary's Steaks

The intoxicating scent of gooey melting cheese, dancing on the grill with sizzling steak, this is what lunch is all about. Gary’s steak serves up authentic Philadelphia style cheesesteaks, and made to order Hoagies right here on the streets of New York City.  To stay true to their Philly roots, every fresh ingredient comes straight from Philadelphia to you. With warm fresh Italian rolls from Phillies famous Amoroso Bakery to start, the freshest rib-eye, chicken, and sirloin, all grilled up and cooked to order with freshly sweet or hot peppers to bring it all home. Oh and of course it wouldn’t be a cheesesteak without, you guessed it, the cheese.

But hey they know their audience; this is New York after all, the land of dietary restrictions, so they have veggie options too. Finally a truck where carnivores and herbivores can come together and enjoy the best that Philly has to offer. Whether it’s the classic steak you’re craving, some fresh chicken, or veggies, they’ve got something sizzling hot on the grill just for you.  Buffalo chicken cutlet, mushroom steak, pizza steak, and even a falafel hoagie, these guys have mastered the cheesesteak in every form.

So the next time you need some sizzling steaks, freakin’ awesome falafel, and lots and lots o’ whizz, look no further than Gary’s Steaks – all around Manhattan and Brooklyn during lunchtime, and always a click away for your next event.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association @NYFTA