"Cool" Eats


And we aren’t just talking about ice cream for once! With summer winding down (also, when did that happen?) we are all looking forward to fall (that’s right, we said it). Until then, we can rely on some of our favorites to lower our core temp while out and about.

You may not realize it, but a lot of our food truck members serve certain menu items that don’t need to be heated and are best served cold. You can still get your food truck fix and cool down at the same time! Take a look at some examples that are refreshingly satisfying.

Starting off with something traditional, Rita’s Italian Ices and Andy’s Italian Ices are both a given for summer. We love both of these food truck members for their versatility and that nostalgic, fun feeling you get when you get a giant scoop of frozen sweetness on a hot day.

Toum Lebanese is the expert when it comes to garlic and with that comes their incredibly authentic (and award winning) garlic hummus. Best served and eaten cold with a side of warm pita (or a spoon, it’s up to you).

We’ve talked about El Toro Rojo’s guac before but one can never get enough! It is the perfect refreshing snack with it’s cool blend of avocados, cilantro and a little added heat from the spices.

Souvlaki GR is the mediterranean hostess with the mostest and when it comes to their salads, you can have whatever you like. Combining their fresh ingredients like cucumber, kalamata olives and feta with a warm chicken skewer makes it a dish you could eat year round.

The way lobster rolls are prepared comes down to personal preference and everyone on the East Coast has their own strong opinion on the subject: warm vs. cold lobstah. We prefer to be able to have this seafood all the time so it makes the perfect summer AND winter meal! Luke’s Lobster and Red Hook Lobster are perfect options with multiple locations around the city if you are craving a cold one.

And last but not least, a NYFTA team favorite and the coolest of treats: Melt Bakery. This one might be obvious but they are so good we do not care. With inventive flavors and new concepts coming out every month, Melt has found its way into the hearts (and hands) of its most loyal customers.

olaf summer gif.gif

Stay cool!