NUCHAS - Shark Tank and National Empanada Day one day apart!

Exciting days ahead for Ariel, the founder of Nuchas, and his team! Ariel will be jumping into the tank this Sunday, April 7th, to pitch on Shark Tank! Mark your calendars and join the NYFTA team in supporting Nuchas NYC. We wish Ariel and the entire Nuchas team the best of luck!

Nuchas Journey:

In 2011, Nuchas opened its first retail location in the heart of NYC, Times Square.  Soon after they started their first food truck, and two additional pushcarts helping Nuchas create a reputation among the NYC street food scene. In 2013, Nuchas won Rookie of the Year Vendy Award, and in the same year, they opened their second retail location in Greeley Square. In 2014, Nuchas won the People's Taste Vendy Award, and it's been fast-growing ever since.

On April 8th, we celebrate National Empanada Day! The word ‘Empanada’ translates as ‘enbreaded,’ that is, wrapped or coated in bread. Empanadas originated in Spain in the early 1500s, then traveled across the ocean to South America, where they became an irreplaceable part of the culture. The actual empanada flavor varies from country to country. Argentinians specifically enjoy serving empanadas at a family dinner once a week as well as at parties and special events.

Nuchas Locations:

Times Square: Broadway and 47th Street

Greeley Square Park: 97 W 32nd Street

Columbus Park: 233 Joralemon Street

Nuchas Truck: For daily location updates follow Nuchas on Twitter.

Photo Credit: @nuchasnyc


Food Holidays: September


September typically signifies the end of summer, transition to fall and all the glorious things that come with it. We aren't talking PSLs and crunchy leaves just yet (since it's still 90 degrees in New York City), but rather the random reasons eat more food :) Our food truck vendors have the perfect way to celebrate this month.

- September 5th - National Cheese Pizza Day -


- September 20th - National Pepperoni Pizza Day - 

Do we even need a food holiday in order to eat pizza? The answer is no but it's still a great excuse to find a slice not once, but twice this month. Abeetz, Neapolitan Express and Valducci's are our top picks for street pizza.


- September 12th - National Chocolate Milkshake Day -

You could go to a diner for a classic milkshake...orrrrrrr you could get handed one from a food truck! Bona Bona and Carnivale Donut Bar are both your mobile solution for a twist on this sweet frozen treat. Summer will last forever at this point so might as well continue eating ice cream.

- September 13th - National Peanut Day -

We are huge fans of PB and anything with PB on it especially when it is on or in between something sweet. Glazed & Confused's Peanut Butter Cup mini donuts drizzled in chocolate and peanut butter sauces are actually something out of our sweet dreams. Wafles and Dinges, a cult classic, lets you customize your waffle toppings so you can load up on the peanut butter!

Photo Sep 04, 11 48 01 AM.jpg

- September 18th - National Cheeseburger Day -

Stuf'd is known for their crazy, larger than life sandwiches and their Angus Cheeseburger doesn't disappoint. Grab some napkins, use two hands and bite into their signature thick slices of savory bread and their version of an American classic.


Happy eating, you can find us jamming to Earth, Wind and Fire with fists full of food all month.


Food Holidays: August

We all love a good excuse to celebrate and celebrations usually go hand-in-hand with food. So celebrating food holidays should be a no brainer!

no brainer gif.gif


Check out some ridiculous reasons to eat during the month of August and stay tuned for a monthly feature!

- August 2nd - National Ice Cream Sandwich Day -

Clearly we have a love for ice cream (who doesn't) and would like to think every day is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day but now there is an actual day dedicated to everyone's favorite frozen snack! Our favorites are The Tenny from Melt Bakery and The Good Witch from The Good Batch. Both have brick and mortar shops located in Manhattan and are also able to bring their pushcart into pretty much any venue for a fun addition to any event.

- 1st Saturday in August - National Mustard Day -

This is an obvious one for us since we have been partnering with the Public Art Fund all summer to bring you the Hot Dog Bus. See you every weekend until the end of August in Brooklyn Bridge Park for 'dogs smothered in mustard (and ketchup if that's your jam).

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

- August 10th - National S'mores Day - 

It's hard to mess up the camping staple but if you happen to not have a fire pit and all fixin's then Glazed & Confused can help you out. They drizzle Marshmallow creme, chocolate sauce and crumbled graham crackers over their signature warm mini donuts in a mouthwatering combination. Bring us s'more.


- August 14th - National Creamsicle Day -

Another excuse to show off our incredible creamsicle inspired ice cream floats in partnership with Twitter. Unfortunately, you won't be able to find these on the streets any longer but request a custom menu from our culinary team and perhaps you can have this orange treat again!

- August 20th - National Bacon Lover's Day - 

This could be considered the Holy Grail of food holidays. If you had to dedicate an entire day to something, it better be bacon. Our vendors know what the people like so here are some of our favorite menu items that sizzle.

Mac Truck NYC's Applewood Smoke Bacon topped mac and cheese is one of their most popular menu items, especially at events!

Abeetz serves up everyone's favorite combo in pizza form and affectionately call the creation BAE - Bacon, Egg and Cheese, Mozzarella, Everything Spice Crust.