Our 'coolest' vendors

Summer is only a few weeks away, and soon enough all you'll be wanting to find in the streets are going to be ice pops, ice cream and other frozen treats that can cool you down. Of course, ice cream trucks are to be found all around Manhattan as soon as the temperature rises at least close enough to the point where all we want is to eat ice pops - all day long!  But many of those trucks offer generic, same-old-same-old takes on ice cream. Who wants more of the same boring stuff? The New York Food Truck Association knows all of the best, unique cold treat trucks around, and we are not going to keep it to ourselves!

Andy's Italian Ices

Do you like ice cream but trying to stay fit? We have a solution! Andy's Italian Ices is a Gourmet Italian ice truck serving over 45 different flavors of ices, that will bring your 'Italian Ices' experience to the whole new level! You can pick from a variety of water or creme ices made out of the freshest ingredients. Andy's Italian Ices tradition is known for their naturally sweetened ices. That's right! Instead of using fructose or syrups, Andy's team uses freshly squeezed fruit juice to flavor all of their ices. Their rich repertoire of flavors includes Italian favorites, American classics, and even sugar-free options. They have everything from Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake, Swedish Fish to Sicilian Cannoli for that genuinely Italian experience. Andy's Ices are also masters in ice pops, and their truck is a full espresso bar as well. Private catering? Andy's Italian Ices has you covered. Make sure to stop by their truck to taste for yourself!

Melt Bakery

Melt's mission has always been simple: Create delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches & serve them up with the best customer experience. A 2012 Best Dessert Vendy Award winner, Melt ice cream sandwiches became a number one choice for many catering events and food venues all over NYC. Melt's ice cream sandwiches choices range from simple and familiar (like The Lovelet, Red Velvet Meltcakes + Cream Cheese Ice Cream) to adventurous and seasonal (like The Jack for fall: Molasses Cookies + Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream). Melt's ice cream sandwiches are always approachable, fun, and satisfying.