Make Your Next Marketing Promotion More Efficient

Highest Brand Awareness

Using a food truck to promote your brand will most definitely help spread awareness of your brand to the public. You will be able to use every single inch of the truck for your personalized brand wrap. Trucks are very interesting and bring people’s attention without any doubt. Another perk of using a truck for your next marketing event is that the truck will have to drive to the chosen location, therefore you’ll spread the brand awareness even further. There’re many options when it comes to reaching out. You can use the truck to give out your product as well as coffee and a small snack for example. People love free things.

Location Options

Depending on your budget and expectations, it’s possible to throw a branded promotion at multiple places throughout the day. As long as all NYC permits for each location are secured, you’ll be able to reach the most significant amount of potential customers. There’re many options on how to do this. Option one is to travel from location to location in a day, that means each promotion would take a couple of hours, then the truck would move to it’s next scheduled location. The other option is to spread the actual promotion into more days, meaning each day would focus on one site.

Targeting Audience

Based on your company’s product and potential customers you are looking to target, choosing a location/s for your promotion is crucial. Each part of the city resides slightly different residents. It’s important to know your target market and how you want to reach out. Face to face interaction with the brand will help your targeted audience understand and remember your product/brand. Targeting the right audience will secure the highest ROI and brand awareness.