4th of July and Carnivale Donut Bar

What’s more American than gluttony on wheels? Carnivale Donut Bar has made it its mission to be at the top of your patriotic food pyramid—today, and every other day. Don’t believe us? Just scope their menu or scroll down their Instagram feed featuring snapshot after heart-seizing snapshot of donut-topped milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, and stuffed donuts.



Carnivale’s signature “Over the Top” shake breaks taste ceilings by combining two already perfect sweet treats: a rich, creamy milkshake topped off with an utterly golden dough halo. You can take your pick of 10 insane flavors, but we most recommend the Oreo—a classic black and white cookie crumble with a thick chocolate syrup drizzle—or the Banana Cream—it has fruit in it, so it must be healthy right?

If you’d rather ditch the cup, send your eyes South on the menu towards the Ice Cream Donut Sandwiches (yes) and the Stuffed Mini Donuts. The latter skip the ice cream, in case that’s not your thing, but they certainly don’t skimp on flavor. Try either in the S’mores, which tastes like campfire bliss with actual fire-roasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs, and the French Toast, for breakfast-in-bed comfort levels.


If you’re aching for the funnel cake aromas of your youth on this particularly nostalgic day, but want a twist of decadent toppings, you can track Carnivale’s location via Instagram and Facebook. When you get there, make sure to say hi to their sweet tooth-having mascot, Banjo the bear. If you still can’t get enough (we guarantee you’ll leave stuffed but wishing you could eat more), you can always book Carnivale to cater a private event like a wedding or a birthday party. Because it doesn’t have to be the Fourth of July to indulge in a mind-bending, body-rocking dessert. In America, every day is donut and milkshake day.