Hot Hot Hot

This weekend, New York City is guaranteed to be simmering with heat, and the nonstop metropolis will undoubtedly end on a scorching note Monday morning, at 90 degrees. That means a few things for Manhattan's midtown destinations: long lines at drugs stores of people waiting to buy bottled water, sidewalks packed with pedestrians walking sluggishly in a heat daze, and tourists carrying light jackets over their shoulders disgruntled by how mistaken they were to think they would need a windbreaker “in case it got cold.”

Also: Food trucks! No doubt you will spot locals and foreigners standing in single file waiting for one of Nathan’s famous hot dogs, a New York Food Truck Association favorite.

I know one way to stay cool is to eat ice cream and milkshakes. But why not heat up your taste buds with some hot sauce? Did you know your body cools down when you eat spicy food in high temperatures? It’s biologically sensible to eat loads of street snacks drenched in hot sauce this weekend! 

Let’s heat up for the summer with this little rundown of NYFTA -approved vendors, all who serve the best hot sauces in town.



New York City’s first Ethiopian and Eritrean food truck is a unique and delectable delight among all of our artisanal kitchens on wheels. Here, you get two options for hot sauce: the spicy Awaze, or the extremely spicy Makina sauce. Want your mouth on fire? I would choose the latter.




One of my favorite things about Korean BBQ food are the spicy flavors, and these guys nail the heat factor like no other Korean food truck. Their K’lla sauce may actually kill you if you’ve never had hot sauce before, so if you need something easier and would like to avoid dipping your mouth into lava this weekend, I suggest the much milder Korilla sauce. 


Souvlaki GR

Souvlaki serves up some hot toppings as well. They won’t incinerate the sides of your tongue like other food trucks might, but their sauces are definitely worth checking out. Pitas and bifteki sandwiches reign here. 


Los Viajeros

Jalapenos are not for everyone, but if they happen to be for you, then you must stop by Los Viajeros, one of New York’s finest Mexican food trucks. Many of their taco and burrito offerings come with chipotle aioli, a phenomenal sauce that I would drizzle on anything. It’s that good! You can spot this truck a mile away with its vibrant hot pink paint. Don’t pass it up.