NY Bike Expo - 2018

            The biggest bike expo on the East Coast is coming back to New York City this weekend, just in time for you to decide whether or not you’ll be tossing out your metro card to spend the summer commuting on wheels.

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Bike Expo New York is a two-day convention, from Friday, May 4th to Saturday, May 5th, that brings hands-on classes, fashion shows, contests, and vendors together for both newbie and veteran bikers. It’s completely free, open to the public, and located at Pier 12 in Red Hook, with views of the gorgeous Manhattan skyline.

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The Bike Expo offers some pretty exciting opportunities to show off your bike knowledge. Throughout the weekend, there will be three sessions of Jeopardy and two “fix a flat” contests. I don’t think I’ve ever fixed a flat tire by myself, but who knows, maybe if I stop by and give it a try, I can astound everyone with my improvisational handyman skills. Many of these events give away prizes to participators and, of course, winners. Who doesn’t love free stuff? You can also check out all the latest designs in bike wear and gear. If you’re an experienced biker looking to find the perfect aerodynamic swag for your next cross-country mountain trip, or if you’re just a regular New Yorker that loves to bike around and wants to meet other bikers, then be sure to stop by the Bike Expo.

Don’t worry about bringing food or drinks, by the way. The New York Food Truck Association is catering the event with a fantastic selection of food trucks. Korilla BBQ and Toum, two trucks we featured in our blog last week, are making an appearance, and three of our other favorite trucks, El Toro Rojo, Abeetz, and Phil’s Steaks, are also serving the event. So when you’re not busy attending bike panels or taking an outdoor class, grab a nice bite and relax in the beer garden with some quality cuisine.

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association