Scope out some sweet ice cream!

            Finally, at long last, the Earth has tilted far enough on its axis to bring our hemisphere closer to the Sun. The pear trees throughout Park Slope and Greenwich Village are blooming with white, aromatic flowers. Lightning storms are abruptly breaking in the sky and showering us with heavy rain, only to blow away within an hour, as if they are throwing a tantrum and then running away to hide. During this month of lustrous light and temperate weather, the best way to enjoy the sun is to go out walking, catching your favorite New York City sights, looking effortlessly cool in your new sunglasses.

            What’s a better way to boost the fun of city excursions than with a delicious ice cream cone? Of course, ice cream trucks permeate Manhattan during the warm season a lot like how broken umbrellas litter the streets after a storm. But many of those trucks offer generic, same-old-same-old takes on ice cream. Who wants more of the same boring stuff? The New York Food Truck Association knows all of the best, unique ice cream trucks around. We got the hook up on the artisanal, expertly crafted frosty desserts you’ve been looking for.

Scope out some of these trucks the next time you’re exploring the city and pick up a scoop.

Photo Via. Eater

Photo Via. Eater

Shake By Black Tap

The shakes served at this truck are, truly, works of art. Shake By BT is pretty new to the food truck game; it launched last year. But don’t assume it’s run by newbies. Michelin Star Chef Joe Isidori founded this dessert enterprise, and his Instagram-worthy ice cream shakes are so colorful and vibrant, you may feel bad eating them. This is a wonderful vendor to commission for your next party. Imagine all of your friends lined up for pictures with an extraordinary vanilla ice cream milk shake! Take a gander at their social media pages to see how their desserts look, if you're not convinced.

Bona Bona Ice Cream

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.30.04 AM.png

Bona Bona takes artisanal ice cream a step further than most dessert makers. They bring an abundance of unique flavors to the table, like Holy Cannoli and Rainbow Cookie, and serve up an absolutely picturesque cone that begs to be the star of your next #IceCreamSelfie. You don’t have to just do a cone here. You can choose your favorite flavors and toppings for a milkshake or a sundae. Mix it up and live it up!

Softee Express

Many people have only tasted cheap soft serve from fast food joints like McDonalds, and as occasionally tasty those desserts are, they don’t hold a candle to the high-quality soft ice cream Softee Express brings to New York. At Softee Express, you can add a plethora of sprinkles and toppings to your ice cream. They don’t mess around with this kid-friendly classic. Newcomers may want to try the classic vanilla. A veteran like myself always goes for the peanut cone.