Summer Just Around the Corner

It’s that time of year, you can feel summer just around the corner, the winter coat is pushed way way way into the back of the closet to be forgotten about for many months. Flowers and blooming, there are leaves on the trees (almost forgot about those) and the scrumptious aromas of the cities finest food trucks are filling the warm air. Spring indeed is here, and whole we may be anxious to get started with the full on summer fare, these rainy weeks are a great time to get cozy and enjoy some of our favorite comfort foods. Here’s our list of the best comfort food trucks in the city to hit up before you start worrying about that beach bod:


DUB Pies

All the way from down under, DUB Pies has brought the savory melty goodness of Australia to just about every corner of New York. Find them all around Brooklyn in the DUB Pies truck, and in tons of local bars throughout the borough, thank us later.


Little hand held pockets of amazingness. These empanadas may be filled with the good stuff, but are incomplete without a cannonball into one of The Empanada Sonata’s famous dipping sauces. Siracha aioli, sweet Thai chili, or a swan dive into some chipotle cream, don’t worry you don’t need to choose just one.


Ok so everyone loves French fries, even people gluten free people love French fries. But any true fry fan knows it’s not so much the fries themselves that make them so great. It’s what we dip them in!! The perfect vehicle for any sauce you fancy, we recommend the truffle.