Food Trends Coming to a Sidewalk Near You

Food Trends

When it comes to trends, New York City is ground zero. It’s safe to say that any and all trends are born and spread, right from this little island. So being an epicenter of culture, cuisine, and trends , it’s only natural that the food trends we’re seeing here on the streets, will be heading all around the country this year.


While restaurants are a great venue to get exposed to the newest trends, we like to be even more ahead of the game: the food trucks scene allows for a flexibility and creativity that you just can’t experience in brick and mortar restaurant. These chefs are able to truly flex their creativity and ingenuity in ways more established restaurants just cant. Many of them choose to take the food truck path, because they don’t want to be restricted by the classic structure of a restaurant, and do want to be able to stay true to the flavors and methods that inspire them.


So we’ve taken to the streets to find out what everyone is going to be eating this year.

Fusion: we’re seeing it everywhere from Midtown to Downtown, and it’s delicious. From Korean bulgogi filling our tacos, to beer battered fish filling out hot dogs. Worlds are colliding and we couldn’t be more down.

Unexpected cooking methods: When you think about preparing your ice cream, a blow torch probably isn’t one of the first tools on your list, but Bona Bona Ice Cream has another plan, using a blow torch to sizzle the caramel on top of the cone, creating a ice cold experience, that’s hot.


Breakfast for dinner (and lunch and dessert): Waffles everywhere, the classic breakfast food has transcended it’s early morning slot, and worked it’s way into every corner of our day, from savory and lunch and dinner, to uber sweet for dessert and all the way through the wee hours of the night into fourth meal.

You heard it here first folks, now go get out there and get yourself a taste!

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association