Flavor Explorers

            Any tourist walking down 5th Avenue or 14th Street for the first time will notice a particularly unique aspect of our city. New York is one of the most diverse places in the world! Several different restaurants with food from various parts of the world—taquerias, burger joints, curry houses, and sushi bars—crowd the same block and sometimes even share a wall. Families who once immigrated from cities thousands of miles away call New York City home. Multiculturalism is embedded into the city’s DNA, and you can see how diverse the food offerings here are in our many food trucks, too. The New York Food Truck Association would not be a “New York” “Association” if we did not have a wide-ranging, eclectic membership.

            Here is a list of some of our food trucks, each of which serves artisanal cuisine from different parts of the world, often with a fun and original twist!


            Korilla BBQ

            The genius team behind this truck brings two different styles of food—Korean BBQ and Latin food—together into a delicious fusion. Korilla appeared on the second season of the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” where they came in third place, but they will always be #1 for me. They serve up noodle bowls, salad bowls, rice bowls, burritos, and tacos, and you can order bulgogi, tofu and pork with pico de gallo or Korean sweet beans. I highly recommend getting a side order of the Tiger Balls; it’s crispy and fried on the outside, with a mouthwatering and cheesy inside.

            Los Viajeros

            You can’t go wrong with a classic taco truck. This truck’s menu is inspired by Dominican, Cuban, and Mexican cultures. They offer two wonderful vegetarian options, the Veggie Taco and the La Flaca burrito. Both have sweet plantains, peppers, and onions with a blend of cotija and jack cheeses. Many of their dishes come with the house coleslaw, and while I’ve never been much of a slaw person, Los Viajeros truly do it right. They were even nominated for Rookie of the Year at the the 2016 Vendy Awards!



            Toum is a family owned food truck that started out six years ago with an admirable mission: to put Lebanese cuisine on wheels and bring the wonderful flavors of falafel, babaghanouj, and makanek to the streets of New York City. Their hummus is absolutely phenomenal. Whenever I pass by their truck on my way to Bryant Park, I make a point to pick up some hummus and pita, so I can munch on the grass while watching all the people scurry by.


            Please check out the rest of our vendors and see all the fantastic food offerings from all over the world!

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association