Makina Café

Makina Café founder Eden G. Egziabher was raised amongst an eclectic blend of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Italian cultures. Of the many tings she was able to takeaway from being exposed to so many different ways of life, the food probably stands out the most.

Born in Ethiopia to parents of Eritrean descent, she has been able to bring the best flavors these cultures have to offer, here to the big apple. She prides herself on being the first Eritrean – American female entrepreneur in New York City to be serving “Habesha” food. Habesha is used as a term of pride, the word is used to eliminate the distinction between the different tribes of Eritrea and Ethiopia, celebrating the unity of the regions people.

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It’s no wonder that the word Makina (the name of her mobile café) translates to “truck” in Italian, Ethiopian and Eritrean language. It’s these three unique cuisines that make up the delicious mosaic of flavors found on her menu.  Healthy, tasty, and amove all else unique – Makina brings exciting new breakfast and lunch options to New Yorkers everywhere, sure to shake up your routine in the best way possible.

Weather you opt for a delicious bed of yellow rice, or some scrumptious Injera (a sourdough - risen thin flatbread) you are in for a treat. Chicken or beef tibs, cubed and marinated with onions garlic, berbere and loads of other exciting herbs, oh and did we metion the veggies? Fosolia string beans, Gomen collard greens, and Ater split pea stew, just to name a few.

So the next time you are ready to try something new, find the Makina Café roaming around your neighborhood. Follow them at @makinacafe to see where they are everyday!


-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association