Cater Your Springtime Bonanza!

            Tuesday was the first day of Spring (though you wouldn’t be able to tell from the weather) and it won’t be long until rays of sun heat up our city to temperatures perfect for outdoor events. The easiest way to provide gourmet options for your company picnic, baby shower, or arts fair, would be to book a food truck with us! Of course, food service is not just about the food: You have to transport supplies, provide plates and utensils, hire food runners and servers, and make the whole process smooth and simple so nobody is left hungry.


            That’s where the New York Food Truck Association comes in. We have 10+ years of experience catering events. All of that logistical stuff? We’ll do it for you.

Our team can craft menus that will accommodate any diet restrictions. Vegetarian? Gluten-free? Paleo-Pescatarian? We got it covered. NYFTA can source the perfect wait staff and help plan out the event space so that your party has enough seats, tables, recycling and garbage bins, napkins, or any other necessity. Book with us, and we’ll also guarantee a stress-free billing and paperwork process. Our professionals make sure that all the food trucks are insured and up-to-date with inspections. Nothing slides by us!


            Catering an event is a kind of performance art. Every step of the process demands meticulous planning and oversight. Our team finds creative ways to expedite food service and provide fantastic customer service, and much like a Broadway show, our front-of-house and back-of-house staff members combine their efforts to create the best experience possible. We also always incorporate an element of fun—whether it’s through our colorful trucks or charming catering staff.

            Check out our long list of award-winning vendors. You may even recognize some of our trucks; we hire only the best. Contact us today to submit an inquiry. Happy Spring!

- Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association