Why You Should Eat Lunch Outside This Winter

Here we find ourselves again, right smack dab in the middle of winter. The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and sometime all you want to do is stay inside all day. But if you’re like the other eight or so million of us here in New York City, staying home is not an option. When you’re struggling to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, remember there is something great waiting for you just beyond your bed.  Lunch. Here we’ve gone and compiled a list of some of our favorite food trucks that make us actually want to go outside, even in the middle of February in New York.


Bex Waffles

Do you wake up every morning dreaming of fresh, fluffy, warm waffles? If you’re like millions of other New Yorkers it likely you do – but it’s a bit less likely that someone is whipping up a fresh batch in your kitchen. After a long morning of coffee and dry croissants, when lunch comes around we are ready to sprint to Bex. These waffles can make even the smallest cubicle feel like a luxurious comfy cabin in the woods. But you do have to go back to work…


Home Frite

Would you like fries with that? If “that” is this cold blustery day, or well, anything really – the answer is yes. Home Frite has been frying up some of the tastiest most original concoctions in the city. Each batch fried to perfection, and customized just to your taste. Try to truffle fries, it’s like a five start dining experience you can hold in one hand, and their handy (very aesthetically pleasing)  French fry holders are great for multitasking, or racking up the insta likes.

But that’s jus the tip of the ice-berg, or in this case (New York City) the giant mound of frozen ice your jumping over on your way to work. We’ll be back next week with even more reasons to get out there this winter.

-Your Friends at the New York Food Truck Association