Born and Raised

Unique New York, Unique New York. A place where everyone has a different story, adventure, and most importantly, a different culinary specialty.  Being the big melting pot that it is,  there’s no one food that hails as THE food of New York City, save perhaps the street hot dog, but let’s get real those get old after a while especially when there’s so much more on the streets to eat!


Our newest NYFTA member Born and Raised NYC is a magnificent example of this, bringing New Yorkers from every corner of the city together acting as a melting pot you can visit at lunchtime. (Oh and speaking of melting, they make the best quesadillas in the city.)  Specializing in flavorful delicious Latin comfort food, Born and Raised NYC is always grilling up the finest meats and produce, and melting it together in the tastiest cheeses the city has to offer.


Specializing in the classics quesadillas, Wraps, Burritos, and ofcourse Tacos for our Tuesday Instagram action. The finest most flavorful chicken, steak and chorizo. And should you feel the need to be vegetarian for the day (or if you’re a real vegetarian.) they have the tastiest cactus in Manhattan.

Book them for your next office party, birthday party, or whenever you have lots of hungry people who you know will appreciate the authentic Latin flavors of NYC!

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association