Make Your Brand Delicious

It’s been said time and time again that the best way to man’s heart is through his stomach, and quite frankly it’s true. However this handy saying is not exclusive to just men, it also applies to your customers. There are so many ways for brands to reach their audiences nowadays. Through the email, social media, billboard, magazines, you name it. But if you really want your brand to leave a good taste in their mouths you are going to need something, well, tasty.

Branded promotions are a fun, effective, and downright delicious way to get your brand in front of an audience. Whether you just want to have a small cart at a party boasting your logo with a side of fries, or you need an entire fleet of food trucks roaming the city gaining the attention hungry of customers, investors, and influencers we are here to help.

What exactly is branded promotion? Well long story short, it’s taking some of our favorite mobile kitchens and having them work for you. Wrapping an entire taco truck with your logo and likeness and passing out memorable tasty goodness all around the city.

Recently we teamed up with A&E and Katz’s Deli to promote their new fall lineup. Recruiting a small army of sandwich trucks and decking them out head to toe in A&E. Teams went all around New York City passing out Katz’s famous and oh so scrumptious sandwiches to hungry TV fans. Stirring up buzz on the streets that turns into buzz online, (because who can resist instagraming their food?)

So if you’re ready to get your brand out on the streets, and into the tummies of your hungry audience, your friends at the NYFTA are always just a click away.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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