What's shakin' ? Bacon

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to food. New York City's food truck scenes break all the rules in all the best ways, but our personal favorite rule to break is the one that says bacon is just for breakfast. Recently we've been seeing bacon pop up everywhere and we mean everywhere. From tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches, to french fries and even on lobster rolls. Bacon has become the new culinary staple of New York, and the mobile chefs of the city have been changing the way we look at bacon. breakfast and every dish in between. Think of it like the cultural phenomenon that was "put a bird on it" but fried in butter, mmm. 

This begs the question, what all can we put bacon in?  Our options are endless. Food network chef Dom Tesoriero who's food baby is the NYC Mac and Cheese Truck decided that bacon would be the perfect addition to his famous Mac recipes. Ultimate comfort food, his famous Mac and Cheeses have swept the festival food truck scene. Find him this summer rocking out and serving up the cheesiest bacnoiest mac out there. 

Then over on the other end of the culinary spectrum, Red Hook Lobster Pound has decided to join in the bacon adventure. Escape from the ordinary Maine Lobster roll, and escape on piggyback. Bacon lobster rolls are the latest twist on surf n' turf, and we could not be more excited. The savory, salty, and fresh flavors of these rolls have changed the way we look at lobster, and basically the whole ocean, why aren't there more pigs down there?

Back to another classic, Gorilla Cheese NYC has countless flavor ways. Their plethora of cheeses meats and other fixins have transformed grilled cheese from a simple kitchen standard to a complex and satisfying New York City Original. If oyu haven;t already guessed, yes they do bacon grilled cheese, yes it's the best thing we've ever tasted, and no you can not have a bite. Get your own.

All of our bacon barons are going to be cruising around serving up their sweet swine all summer long. Weather you're hearing wedding bells, throwing a party, or chowing down at a festival - NYFTA has you covered in the bacon department.

 - Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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