New York City Food Trucks That Bring the Heat  - Top Spicy Food Trucks 2017

New York City is heating up, and we aren’t just talking about the weather.  As the summer season approaches the entire city seems to expand, we are freed from the warm safety of indoors – and begin to rediscover the amazing city around us. New Yorkers take to their rooftops, backyards, and most of all the streets. The city isn’t the only thing that comes alive, so does the food, something about turning up the hear, makes us also want to turn up the heat – and we end up seeking out spicy food, and bold flavors, straying away form the typical hearty comforts of summer. Here’s our list of the top New York City food trucks that are really going to be bringing the heat this summer (caution this list is very hot!)


Sometimes you need a little more from your lunch break. Luckily Souvlaki is here to take you far away, each bite is like a little taste of Mykonos. Let that imaginary ocean breeze cool you off and get you through the rest of the day.


Translated from Lebanese toum means garlic, so spice is very much their thing.  With tons of spices and hot sauces galore, Toum is guaranteed to pack a punch.



Like tacos weren’t spicy enough already, Kimchi Taco brings the spice and flare of kimchi and Korean BBQ into the convenient hand help vehicle we all know as the taco. But be careful with that sauce it is extremely HOT!!



Chef Samir is bringing the heat to Manhattan. When you’re ready to get your sweat on get on over to the Chef Samir truck and ask for something spicy.


By now this little tour de spice has probably got your mouth on fire, but it’s jsu the beginning. Spicy pork, grilled chicken, and lots of chili. But don’t worry you can chase it all down with some dumplings.