Top New York City Gourmet Taco Trucks - 2017

In the spirit of it being NYC Taco Showdown week, and of course our unconditional love of tacos, We’ve put together a list of the taco trucks in New York City. From Midotwn all the way out to Coney Island, the new wave of gourmet tacos has taken over the city. These are not your average Taco Truck tacos!!  Loaded with beer battered fish, fried calamari, kimchi, bulgogi, and pretty much anything else you can squeeze between a tortilla, these guys have changed the taco game for good.

Korilla BBQ

Tacos and tigers and bulgogi oh my... The tiger striped truck has taken over New York City's taco truck scene. Pioneers of the asian fusion taco, Korilla has in a way shown us that anything is possible, when it comes to tacos. 

Coney Shack

This Coney Island institution has made it across the river, and has made it in a big way. with pop ups, trucks, and carts all around Manhattan and beyond. Beer battered fish, and fried calamari, they stay true to the summer vibes of Coney Island.

El Paso Truck

A Mexican classic, and a New York favorite, the El Paso truck brings us authentic Mexican style tacos and other fare. Their classic recipes and ultra fresh ingredients make them a top contender in the showdown, more carnitas please!

Kimchi Taco

Another unexpected match made in heaven, and popularized here in New York City. Kimchi Taco has turned the Korean BBQ world upside down, by sticking it in a tortilla, and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

Big D's Grub Truck 

Among their many specialties, grinders, rice bowls, and vermicelli, they have managed to sneak there way right to the top of the taco scene. With their fresh meats and out of this world sauces, Big D's Grub is a no brainer when it comes to Taco Tuesday.