How to Book a Food Truck for an Office Party

What do you do when you’ve been designated to throw the next office party? Merging the two strange and somewhat terrifying worlds of pleasing people, and being at work is no easy task. But as you’ve probably already guessed knowing us, we have an answer for you, and yes of course that answer is food.

Finding the delicate balance between office appropriate and not-completely-mind-numbing may actually just a few clicks away. We have done the legwork in finding the solution, the darn food trucks New York City has to offer. 

Now you may have seen other companies, with their fancy shiny food trucks serving steaming hot goodness to the masses, and wondered, how did they get that? Well the answer is right here! Just choose from any of our list topping New York based gourmet mobile kitchen options. The hardest part is just choosing what you want. Anything from Lebanese lunches, savory hand held pies, truffle fries, or even s’mores stuffed French toast, you’re in good hands. ‘

So you choose your food, tell us when, where and who you’re feeding, we handle all the rest. Everything is just a click away.  We’re always ready to go above and beyond, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any, and we mean any special requests. (trust us we’ve seen it all) And hey we can even help you choose between Lobster Rolls and Kimchi Tacos, but we will probably opt for both.