You talking to me? Now this may not be your usual salutation to your sandwich, you may not be used to offering salutations to your sandwiches at all, but when you’re about to bite into The Godfather, or Mickey Scars, it’s a whole other story.  A food truck legacy hailing all the way back from its wooden food cart roots in the 20’s, the 21st century revamp of the old truck is still run by the same family as back in the day. DiSO’S is not just another sandwich truck, it’s a full on sandwich society that has reached cult status with hungry New Yorkers, and they are running the streets.

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It’s not easy becoming a boss, and DiSO’S didn’t reach God Father status overnight. On season 6 of the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race they had to take their street smarts to Santa Monica pier. True hustlers they were up to the challenge. Now they are back on their home turf in New York City killing the food truck scene, topping tons of the city’s most prestigious ‘best food truck’ lists.

DiSO’S is carrying out a long family tradition of creating the best classic Italian sandwiches, as well as creating innovative new recipes.  Every new creation is an instant classic, be it the Jimmy Gooch with its chicken and fresh mozzarella, Nicky Eyes with sopressata and provolone cheese, or the Fat Pete with prosciutto and sun dried tomatoes. (And did we mention we really like the names) Something about asking for the Tony Cheeks at lunchtime just makes us feel like bosses. Everything is sourced from DiPalos in Little Italy, and all the meats and cheeses are always sliced fresh on sight in the truck to ensure no funny business…

As any proper kitchen on wheels should be, they are always on the move, from Midtown to Flatiron, follow @DISOSNYC to find out when they’re coming to a corner near you.

 - Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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