Mr. Bing From Beijing

New York is filled with so many different types of cuisines, and thusly the NYC food truck scene is as diverse as they come. Lately there has been a heavy emphasis on Asian street food and Asian fusion dishes (our bellies couldn’t be happier). We’re excited to announce our newest #NYFTA member Mr. Bing's – bringing a fresh new flavor to our streets.


Mr. Bing’s specialty: Bings! Not familiar with the Bing yet?  A Bing (or 'jianbing', 煎饼) as it’s known back east, is a Northern Chinese street crepe, folded into the form of a sandwich for easy enjoyment. Bing’s have been around for a long time, about 2000 years according to legend… During the Three Kingdoms period in China (220-280 A.D.) Zhuge Liang had to feed an entire army of soldiers that had lost their woks. He ordered his soldiers to mix wheat flour and water on copper griddles over fire, and voila the ‘jianbing’ was born. The dish lifted the spirits of the soldiers, who were then able to fight their way to victory on a belly full of Bing's. Mr. Bing’s mission is to introduce America to his favorite Chinese treat.


Founder Brian Goldberg discovered his love for Bing's while studying Chinese in Beijing in 1998. Outside their class there was a nice lady who would make them fresh and sell them off the back of her bicycle cart, naturally they became a staple in their daily life so when it was time to come back to the states, they knew they had to bring the Bing's with them.

You can find Mr. Bing now in booths all around Manhattan, from Bryant Park all the way down to the East Village, and their mobile cart can be usually be found at Madison Square Park – or maybe even at your next event?