Let Us Cater Your Holiday

We are neck deep into the holiday season right now. In about a week and a half, Santa Claus will fly around the world, scale down chimneys, lay out presents and fill up stockings for families and pets (I don’t know about you, but my cats always get presents). It’s time to reflect on the people you love. Scrounge together some extra dollars and buy your daughter that videogame system!


But all of us in the working world know that this time of the year is not just about gifts. The holidays mean parties! Company dinners! Champagne, wine, and feasts! Need delicious food for your function? The New York Food Truck Association has got you covered.


Let’s face it. We all know that the holiday season is stressful. You have to close your books for the year, file everything in on deadline, and plan out a holiday office party to boot. When restaurants fill up fast and event spaces get booked months in advance, how does someone put together a delicious banquet at the last minute without obliterating the year-end budget? The easiest way to solve this predicament is to have us bring the food to you.

We have curated a phenomenal list of food trucks to pick from for your holiday soirée. Not only will the trucks cross the snow-covered streets and deliver cuisine to your building, NYFTA members will be on site making sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone gets their bellies full. Save the extra money it would take to rent out a venue or buy out a restaurant and spend it on wine!

Don’t worry about cooking food for guests at your upcoming dinner party either. Let us take care of it. Astonish your friends and family with a surprise entrance from an artisanal pizza, pie, or dessert truck. It would be the Christmas party that everyone will talk about.