Walter's Hot Dogs, A Westchester Institution

We love hot dogs, but every once in a while we get a perfect one that reminds us how this simple yet indulgent food has become one of the cities culinary staples. This happens particularly when we’re chowing on a dog from Walters Hot Dogs. Having been in the hot dog game for just short of 100 years (It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.) Walter’s cranks out the best of the best year after year.


What’s inside? The dogs are made out of an exclusive blend of  beef, pork, and veel, split down the middle to ensure they’re cooked evenly to perfection, and finally gilled just right in Walter’s secret sauce – served fresh on a toasted bun with their signature mustard.


This Westchester hot dog cart has become more od an institution, as it’s actually been nationally registered as a historical landmark. Do your microwave hot dogs do that? Doubtful.  Already with a small fleet of hot dog trucks servicing NYC and the Tri – State area Walter’s is taking the food truck scene by storm, collecting awards like Westchester’s “Best Food Truck” the last two years in a row.

As if the scrumptious dogs weren’t enough, Walter’s has also birthed our new vice: funnel cake fries (Yes that’s funnel cake meets French fries.)  An homage to the classic carnival food, as well as the hot dog truck staple The glory of their mobile kitchen is that…. you guessed it they can come to you. Next time your event calls for a hot grill, some toasty buns, and savory Walter’s Hot Dogs is sure to grill up a perfect experience for all.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association