Northeast Africa, to the Northeast

All the way from Northeast Africa, to the Northeast of the United States, Makina Café is the first of it’s kind. Expanding the possibilities of mobile kitchens, Makina Café offers the unique and delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian flavors that the NYC food truck scene has been missing.  The eatery which is a brand new concept for NYC, offers not-so-new recipes, recipes that have been past down through generations of family meals.


The intricate and complex flavors of Ethiopian cuisine are sure to spice up any lunch break, with something special for carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Makina takes great pride in every dish – offering only the most savory tender meats, and freshest veggies. 


Each meal is catered specifically to the taste of the individual, for meat eaters there’s a variety of meticulously prepared chicken, or beef tibs on your choice of a sandwich or plate. And for the herbivores out there, an even wider variety of vegetables spanning every corner of the garden, from lentils and collard greens, to string bean – all prepared to order in the tastiest of homemade spices.


So the next time you need to spice up your event, office party, or even just your lunchtime – Makina is here with the exotic flavors of Northeast Africa, without the 20 hour flight.