Waffles to the Rescue

Waffles have long stood the test of time, as a perfect vehicle for a expansive variety of other delicious foods. This breakfast classic has managed to transcend its original purpose – and made its move away from the early morning hours an into just about every other daily meal, all he way to one of our personal favorites: dessert!


Bex started her waffle empire up in Montauk last summer, and after amassing a loyal waffle loving following migrated down to NYC, where she has been awakening the waffle lover in all of us one waffle sandwich at a time.

Since Bex Waffles are not limited to just breakfast, the flavors are free to range from sweet to savory and every spot in between.  Serving scrumptious sandwiches out of their 1977 French Citroen H Van they have become not only one of the tastiest lunch options in the city, but also one of the most grammable.


Some favorites (and this is just the tip of the iceberg) include the Bex Signature, a sandwich loaded with vanilla pastry cream, drizzled with Swiss chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Over on the more savory side of things, we love the Club Med, with sundried tomato and caramelized onion hummus, roasted veggies, and crumbled feta cheese.


You can bring the cool retro vibes, and warm fluffy flavors of Bex to your next event or marketing activation. Sure to have something for everyone, next indulgent creations even include gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options, because everyone should be able to get down with some waffle goodness!