Holy Cow!

Being a foodie is fun, and being kosher is great but sometimes the two can butt heads, like when you want a bacon cheeseburger. But guess what – those days are over! Like a gift from the heavens, JJ’s Holy Cow offers certified Glatt Kosher, artisanal organic burgers right out of their cart in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.


They don’t make it complicated either, this burger shack specializes in just that – burgers, making them perfect every time and leaving the other stuff to the other guys. If your idea of heaven involves lots and lots of hamburgers, JJ’s Holy Cow is the place for you, and if your idea of heaven doesn’t involve hamburgers? Well you can just move right along, we don’t have time for that kind of negativity here.

Our must try burgers from the Holy Cow include but are certainly not limited too: The Green Obsession, a beef burger patty on a vegan pretzel bun, loaded with avocado, arugula, fried sweet garlic peppers, and chipotle sauce in adobo – so you can get your greens in while simultaneously getting your burger fix. Our personal favorite The Sunrise in Brooklyn Burger with beef bacon, an over easy egg, and a seasonal mix of sliced root vegetables– we could eat this one for breakfast lunch and dinner.


So next time your having an event with hungry people who love good food – give them and yourself the heavenly treatment.  JJ’s Holy Cow is sure to have something to please everyone, even your vegetarian and vegan friends, as long as they don’t mind it still comes in the form of a hamburger.