Taco time

“So what are we gonnna eat today?” It’s something we ask ourselves everyday, and perhaps one of the most important questions of the day (maybe in our lives?) Well today the answer is easy, because today is Tuesday. With the rise of social media and the like people are sharing everything from wedding rings, new babies, funny cat videos, and most importantly WHAT THEY’RE EATING.

It’s been said that while fads and trends ebb and flow, a #hashtag is forever. (Ok we just made that up.) However there is one #hastag that has risen to the ranks of the greatest, and sits up at the top with millions of posts right next to #selfie and #nofilter, our personal favorite… #tacotuesday.

When it comes to the eclectic and mouth watering world of New York City food trucks there are endless options for gourmet, artisanal, and just down right delicious culinary experiences. But we feel pretty safe in saying that no matter what we’re in the mood for, a taco is always a good idea – especially on Tuesdays.

If the hungry in you craves an authentic Mexican Taco fix, and the New Yorker in you craves a modernist flair, look no further than the El Paso Truck. A staple for over 12 years in New York city with multiple locations throughout Manhattan, they are finally hitting the road! Cue the El Paso Truck, serving up classics tacos, and not so classic tacos, like short rib tacos braised in Negra Modelo Beer topped with Watermelon pico de gailo. Now that’s a #tacotuesday worth gramming.

 - Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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