It’s not a dream, Chef Samir is real!

Lot’s of places have they’re specialties; the little things, big things and in between things that make them what they are, especially when it comes to food. Just to speak of Roma brings thoughts of delicious pastas and pizzas, and Mexico with its spicy chilies, Sushi in Japan, you know the drill.

What makes New York so special is that you can find have all of these sensory experiences under one (metaphorical) roof. With so many different cultures and flavors all mingling together it’s really no wonder that New York City is one of the great food Meccas of the world, and if you’re a New Yorker you know, the streets are where everyone comes together, so naturally the cities street food is unlike that of any other city in the world.

So when Chef Samir took his very first plane ride to New York City back in 2000, he was inspired by all the flavors around him – and not yet being the pro chef he is today, was dead set on learning to feed himself so as to stop eating pizza everyday. (Another reality we New Yorkers know all to well.) We caught up with him at his kitchen on wheels in Midtown to see, smell, and of course taste the product of Samir’s New York City inspiration.

Making phone calls back home to gather his mothers’ tajine recipes he began honing in on his cooking skills. Once he had successfully weaned himself off his pizza diet, he began spreading his new found skills to his friends. Cooking them traditional Moroccan and North African cuisine. Excited to be inviting more enticing flavors under the roof of his new city, creating traditional tajine dishes, and even turning his community on to the tastes of a REAL cous cous. (You have to try it.)

Catch him all around Manhattan, or book him for your next event. Chef Samir is always rolling around, spreading the love one bite at a time!