It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s French toast! No wait it’s a breakfast quesadilla, no a pb+j, no it’s still French toast!!! Ok so chances are you have no idea what the what we’re talking about, what in the world does peanut butter and jelly or a breakfast quesadilla have to do with French toast? Well if you have a feeling you’re about to find out, you are correct!


Welcome to the STUF’D truck, taking French toast to places it’s never been before and bringing  you along. Maybe you guessed from the name that this far-beyond-ordinary French toast is literally (and deliciously) stuffed, like a turducken but not so questionably humane, and you can eat it for breakfast lunch or dinner.  You can opt for sweet, banana chocolate chip, blueberry muffin, or their signature s’mores stuffed – or savory bacon egg and cheese, buffalo chicken, or even Momma’s Meatball stuffed French toast. Yes that is French toast stuffed with meatballs, are you getting it??

They’re based out of NYC and have joined the ranks of some of the best food trucks in the city, and they will still drive to you. It’s not just breakfast and it will make your head spin.

Stuffed French toast.  

So weather you find them on the street at lunch time, at a holiday fair, a private venue, or book them for your own event they do it all. Just tell them what you need and they’re sure to make sure everyone leaves STUF’D.

 - Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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