The ocean, good company, butter… some of the best things in life are simple. Ralph and Lauren – foundres of the redhook lobster pound have mastered simple perfection. What started at their kitchen table back in 2008 has remained a lasting landmark in Red Hook. 

After years of warm buttery success, they decided to take their lobsters to the next level, the food truck. “Why not on wheels?”

Lobby #1 hit the streets of Washington DC and was an instant hit… I mean they don’t just call you the best crustacean in the nation for nothin’.  “BigRed” won best food truck in America (out of 400 food trucks) So we hunted down “Big Red” the NYC touring lobster shack on wheels to get ourselves a piece of the action.

We found her (Big Red) down by the water, how fitting.  And after fierce internal debate… Maine roll, Connecticut roll, Tuscan... did someone say bacon??? We ended on the Maine roll. After all it’s a classic, and if theyre bringing Maine to NYC – we’re all aboard.  We also got a dozen peel and eat shrimp to chase it down with (we like to play with our food).

The melty buttery lobstery masterpiece was one for the books. Bring the pound to your next party and it's sure to rock (rock lobster!!)

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association


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