Coney Island, Anytime

It’s days like this, when the sky seems to have been grey for as long as you can remember. It has been raining so much that a small drizzle seems to be the new dry standard, and no matter how many times you change your socks your feet are still a little wet.  If it’s going to be this cold and wet can’t it at least just snow??

So we close our eyes and let our minds take us away… back to the good ol’ days, which while in fact were only months ago now seem ages away. Summertime, the warm breeze blowing the rumble of roller coasters, music everywhere and the hot summer vibes of Coney Island.

Well what if we told you that feeling of warmth and sunshine could be attained even in the coldest wettest months, in the middle of Manhattan? Well then obviously we’d be telling you about Coney Shack! The Coney Island pioneers are now slinging their creative tacos and hot dogs all around NYC. Quickly becoming one of the most popular food trucks in New York City.

Now these are not your average tacos.  The Guys from the Coney Shack truck have created some of the most innovative and coveted tacos in New York. From beer battered crunchy fish, to Vietnamese caramelized pork, calamari and oyster mushrooms.  They are taking their taco truck game to the next level. Of course to stay true to their Coney Island roots, this New York City taco truck is serving beachside classics. Hot dogs, but of course with their own signature twist. The Holy Phuc is a beef dog with beer battered crunchy fish and lemon grass aioli and a name that’s easy to remember…  


Coney shack isn’t just on the streets, you can book them for events as well. So next time you need to bring a bit of the beach to your office party, or any other event warranting good vibes Coney Shack is just a click away.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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