Sweet chili Thaietnamese

Sure we’ve had Thai food, and we’ve had Vietnamese food, I mean food is kind of our thing so it’s pretty safe to say we’ve tried just about everything. But the latest in Asian fusion culinary genius, from the Top Chef master mind finalist Chef Lisa Fernandez has got us coming back again and again. Her claim to fame: “Thaietnamese” cuisine, a delicious and innovative fusion of Thai and Vietnamese.  Of course this sort of thing doesn’t just happen over night, Chef Lisa started cooking over 20 years ago… since the age of 9 she has been creating exciting, different and above all delicious dishes that have been constantly reworked, refined, and improved upon over the years.

Arguably the most famous of her culinary creations (and our personal favorite) is the maple miso glaze. The sauce originally thought up on season 4 of Top Chef – this is the sauce that won her the challenge. And it’s still a key part of the DNA of Sweet Chili, her Thaietnamese food truck here in New York City.  Sweet chili is always looking to create new flavors to keep the NYC food community excited and coming back for more.

Amongst the many intriguing complex flavors found within the walls of Sweet Chili’s roaming kitchen, you can also find simple pleasures. Another one of our favorites, and now a basic staple of our weekly diet, Siracha fries. Yes it’s exactly what it sounds like, yes it’s amazing, no you can’t have mine go get your own! Next time you need to scratch that Thaietnamese itch, the Sweet Chili truck can be found on a New York City block near you – and of course you can bring the flavorful explosion that is Thaietnamese to your next event, where it’s sure to be a smash! 

 - Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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