Well it’s that time of year once again. The holiday season means getting people together, remembering what we are thankful for, visiting friends and family, and you guessed it, lots and lots of food. So with all the working, shopping, and entertaining, all while trying not to trip over the countless Santa’s roaming the streets jingling their bells, when does the cooking happen? Well as you’ve probably guessed by now we have the answer!

The best New York City's gourmet and artisanal food truck chefs don’t just stop on the streets. They can come right to you! Say you’ve been put in charge of making sure all of your hungry co-workers are fed during the holiday office party, a daunting task no doubt! What’s worse than some hungry co-workers after a couple spiked egg noggs? Nothing! We have curated the best vendors for you so the hard part is taken care of, you just tell us when, where, and how much, and one of our many drool-inducing, NYFTA members will be there making sure everyone is as plump as old saint nick by the time the night is through.


Your office mates aren’t the only ones that deserve the best culinary experience NYC has to offer… imagine the look on all the little one's faces when a gourmet taco truck, savory pie truck, delicious dessert truck, or even an artisanal pizza truck, pulls up instead of a one horse open sleigh…

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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