We’ve been eating our way through NYC’s food truck scene, finding the best food trucks the city has to offer. Weather its just cruising down Park Ave – dodging taxi cabs and angry business people in an attempt to follow the smell of roasting short ribs coming from that cart on the corner or trekking down to DUMBO’s awesome food lot (we’re not afraid to wait in line).  Our associations roster of members has gotten almost as full as our stomachs… but we are not stopping! 

Keep your eyes peeled for our seal of approval the blue NYFTA food truck association sticker. We give it to all our member to display proudly, so when you see it you know your taste buds are in for a good time. 

These are not your parents food trucks… The days of sketchy halal and questionable hot dogs are over! The street food in NYC is brought to us by of the most innovative and talented culinary masterminds in the world. That’s what NYC is all about! From celebrity chefs, family kitchens, and just guys who are really passionate about mac and cheese… The eclectic range of the best food trucks in NYC includes but is in now way limited to: Grilled cheese stuffed with brisket, artisanal empanadas, Asian fusion tacos, siracha fries, pizza, even lobster roll. All these food trucks are roaming around NYC everyday filling the hearts and bellies of New Yorkers.

So when you need the authentic tastes of NYC’s best for your next office party, music festival, or even just a good lunch rec. We have done all the searching for you – and have compiled all of New York's top trucks. 

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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