In a New York city we’re always on the go – meeting people, doing things, living, working, playing, sometimes even stopping. This go go go spirit is a huge part of what us New Yorkers love about food trucks. But we also expect the best of the best, even when on the go. 

All the way from down under… DUB stands for Down Under Bakery. Hailing from the south of the equator paradise New Zealand. DUB pies are meat packed portable meals, often revered as the ultimate comfort food. We’re talking hot flaky pastry wrapped around a delicious plethora of savory fillings like steak and lamb… suspended in perfect hot gravy. It’s all the comforts of a hearty home cooked meal – but in your hands, no utensils necessary.

All made here in the USA, DUB pies offers only the juiciest meats, tangiest cheeses, and mouth watering gravies. The tins however are imported from down under, so these Kiwis are able to keep their trade mark oval shaped pies. (The perfect shape for seamless devouring while walking, standing, maybe even dancing?

These flaky hand held pockets of goodness have been called the perfect mechanism for delivering pleasure… and being such a perfect combination of insanely delicious and uber convenient – they are a no brainer when it comes to a perfect meal on wheels, and they stand in the ranks of the best NYC food trucks.  

You can bring gourmet flavors of New Zealand, the genius of oval shaped hand held pie, and the artisanal spirit of New York City  to your next event, festival, or office meeting. But you may want to order extras, because we can never stop with just one…

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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