Arthur Treachers Crosses the Pond

Fresh from the across the pond, Arthur Treachers famous fish and chips have touched down here in NYC.  Golden brown perfection on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. Oh and don’t forget the piping fresh fries on the side. There’s a reason fish and chips has become a staple in the foggy UK – it’s the ultimate comfort food.


As we head into the cooler months it’s safe to say we will be steering slightly away from the salad bar, and more towards our favorite fried things. The classic, popularized in England, where chilly wet whether is pretty much the norm, is perfect for New Yorkers looking to warm up. The best part – now we can enjoy the savory maritime classic without the trip overseas. Arthur Treachers, established in 1969 has hit the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and they’re serving fish!

With trucks all around Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond the cozy comfort of Arthurs fish and chips is right around the corner. They don’t stop there, Arthur Treachers is serving up a whole ocean full of  nautical fried goodness – so whether it be a lunch break warm up, or if you have a whole office to feed – we’re predicting fish and chips as the new must have (in your belly) for this winter.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association



Northeast Africa, to the Northeast

All the way from Northeast Africa, to the Northeast of the United States, Makina Café is the first of it’s kind. Expanding the possibilities of mobile kitchens, Makina Café offers the unique and delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian flavors that the NYC food truck scene has been missing.  The eatery which is a brand new concept for NYC, offers not-so-new recipes, recipes that have been past down through generations of family meals.


The intricate and complex flavors of Ethiopian cuisine are sure to spice up any lunch break, with something special for carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Makina takes great pride in every dish – offering only the most savory tender meats, and freshest veggies. 


Each meal is catered specifically to the taste of the individual, for meat eaters there’s a variety of meticulously prepared chicken, or beef tibs on your choice of a sandwich or plate. And for the herbivores out there, an even wider variety of vegetables spanning every corner of the garden, from lentils and collard greens, to string bean – all prepared to order in the tastiest of homemade spices.


So the next time you need to spice up your event, office party, or even just your lunchtime – Makina is here with the exotic flavors of Northeast Africa, without the 20 hour flight.

Monster Coffee - Scary Good

Now sure we’ve got you covered with all the NYC staples, hot dogs, pizza, bagels, Korean BBQ – but we’re really bringing it home with our newest NYFTA member Monster Coffee. Because what is a New Yorker without their coffee?? Trust us you don’t want to find out. 


The “Monster Truck” serves a variety off coffee shop favorites like  latte’s cappuccino’s machiatto’s and even a super strong cold brew to really get you going in the morning.


You can find them prowling the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, or even hire them to come to your office to keep the team on their toes. So don’t settle for boring weak coffee when you can have the Monster Truck come through and unleash the MONSTER that’s in you!

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

Walter's Hot Dogs, A Westchester Institution

We love hot dogs, but every once in a while we get a perfect one that reminds us how this simple yet indulgent food has become one of the cities culinary staples. This happens particularly when we’re chowing on a dog from Walters Hot Dogs. Having been in the hot dog game for just short of 100 years (It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.) Walter’s cranks out the best of the best year after year.


What’s inside? The dogs are made out of an exclusive blend of  beef, pork, and veel, split down the middle to ensure they’re cooked evenly to perfection, and finally gilled just right in Walter’s secret sauce – served fresh on a toasted bun with their signature mustard.


This Westchester hot dog cart has become more od an institution, as it’s actually been nationally registered as a historical landmark. Do your microwave hot dogs do that? Doubtful.  Already with a small fleet of hot dog trucks servicing NYC and the Tri – State area Walter’s is taking the food truck scene by storm, collecting awards like Westchester’s “Best Food Truck” the last two years in a row.

As if the scrumptious dogs weren’t enough, Walter’s has also birthed our new vice: funnel cake fries (Yes that’s funnel cake meets French fries.)  An homage to the classic carnival food, as well as the hot dog truck staple The glory of their mobile kitchen is that…. you guessed it they can come to you. Next time your event calls for a hot grill, some toasty buns, and savory Walter’s Hot Dogs is sure to grill up a perfect experience for all.

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

Abeetz a pizza

As you probably already know, us New Yorkers take our pizza very seriously. It’s the food that keeps our city and it’s people going, we could even go as far to say it’s the reason we wake up in the mornings – at least some mornings. Did someone say pizza for breakfast?


However see, not all pizza is created equal, and here we are quite partial to the best when it comes to our eats. Cue Abeetz, started in Westchester NY, it’s what’s on the inside of this pizza truck that counts. One of the first mobile wood fired pizza kitchens, Abeetz brings the gourmet styling of a wood fired pizza kitchen straight to, well, wherever you want it! 

Chef David D’Amico hails from New York, but his culinary roots spread throughout Italy. Taking his favorite parts of Italian recipes and cooking methods that he learned from his Sicilian and Neapolitan grandparents, and blending them together into the best of both worlds, as only a New Yorker could.  His idea to start a pizza truck came from his love of food, and seeing the way it brings together family and friends.


“There’s nothing more satisfying than serving something I have created and seeing people enjoy it. Watching my grandmothers cook was a magical experience. I learned that cooking with simplicity and using fresh ingredients is the secret to making amazing food. In my grandmother’s house food was available all day long and the motto was ‘ya gotta eat’.”


The name Abeetz comes from the way David’s Sicilian grandparents pronounced pizza, and the names of the specialty pizzas follow suit. On the truck they have a gold tiled brick oven, imported from Italy, which makes for the most delicious Italian inspired New York style thin crust pizza, and they can bring all this right to your next event!

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association



Comic Con Round-Up

Food and cosplay, a perfect pair indeed. It’s too bad we can’t always be indulging in these constantly, but once a year a special weekend comes along where we are able to indulge freely. Of course we’re talking about New York Comic Con – an epic weekend of awesome cosplay, crazy characters, and great eats.

Check out this video round up of some of our favorites from all categories, and we’ll see you out there next year! 

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

Waffles to the Rescue

Waffles have long stood the test of time, as a perfect vehicle for a expansive variety of other delicious foods. This breakfast classic has managed to transcend its original purpose – and made its move away from the early morning hours an into just about every other daily meal, all he way to one of our personal favorites: dessert!


Bex started her waffle empire up in Montauk last summer, and after amassing a loyal waffle loving following migrated down to NYC, where she has been awakening the waffle lover in all of us one waffle sandwich at a time.

Since Bex Waffles are not limited to just breakfast, the flavors are free to range from sweet to savory and every spot in between.  Serving scrumptious sandwiches out of their 1977 French Citroen H Van they have become not only one of the tastiest lunch options in the city, but also one of the most grammable.


Some favorites (and this is just the tip of the iceberg) include the Bex Signature, a sandwich loaded with vanilla pastry cream, drizzled with Swiss chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Over on the more savory side of things, we love the Club Med, with sundried tomato and caramelized onion hummus, roasted veggies, and crumbled feta cheese.


You can bring the cool retro vibes, and warm fluffy flavors of Bex to your next event or marketing activation. Sure to have something for everyone, next indulgent creations even include gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options, because everyone should be able to get down with some waffle goodness!





Holy Cow!

Being a foodie is fun, and being kosher is great but sometimes the two can butt heads, like when you want a bacon cheeseburger. But guess what – those days are over! Like a gift from the heavens, JJ’s Holy Cow offers certified Glatt Kosher, artisanal organic burgers right out of their cart in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.


They don’t make it complicated either, this burger shack specializes in just that – burgers, making them perfect every time and leaving the other stuff to the other guys. If your idea of heaven involves lots and lots of hamburgers, JJ’s Holy Cow is the place for you, and if your idea of heaven doesn’t involve hamburgers? Well you can just move right along, we don’t have time for that kind of negativity here.

Our must try burgers from the Holy Cow include but are certainly not limited too: The Green Obsession, a beef burger patty on a vegan pretzel bun, loaded with avocado, arugula, fried sweet garlic peppers, and chipotle sauce in adobo – so you can get your greens in while simultaneously getting your burger fix. Our personal favorite The Sunrise in Brooklyn Burger with beef bacon, an over easy egg, and a seasonal mix of sliced root vegetables– we could eat this one for breakfast lunch and dinner.


So next time your having an event with hungry people who love good food – give them and yourself the heavenly treatment.  JJ’s Holy Cow is sure to have something to please everyone, even your vegetarian and vegan friends, as long as they don’t mind it still comes in the form of a hamburger.

New York Comic Con is Here!


This weekend! The Annual New York Comic Con has arrived, and as thousands of fans begin to flock to event – we will be there in all our heroic glory with the cream of the crop of food trucks for your nomming pleasure. Weather you go to meet your heroes, or just to dress up like them, all that running around is going to get you hungry – and as always you will be in good hands.

This year we will be posted up in not one but two locations. As usual we will be at the food truck court at the Javitz Center, in addition we will also have tasty vendors coming to the rescue at the fan zone at Hudson Yards Park across the street.

This years line up includes all our heavy hitters, coming through with the American BBQ and Vietnamese fried chicken is Big D’s Grub Truck, if it’s tacos your after – El Toro Rojo will be serving up the finest tacos, burritos and the like, with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to help save the planet one bite at a time.


Another NYC staple, Korilla BBQ will be bringing the heat, atop a bed of bulgogi, some of the best Korean BBQ the city has to offer. The Mac Truck will be serving their cheesy comfort classics, not all heroes wear capes – but more of them should be covered in cheese.


No time to stop and sit? Nuchas Empanadas will be on the scene with their hand held flaky pockets of goodness so you don’t have to skip a beat – but if you’re willing to get a little messy, Phil’s Steaks is just around the corner with melty warm cheesesteaks. And of course Gotham’s favorite Valducci’s will be serving the comic books best friend, pizza!

So get your gear, grab your buds, and come on down for some good times and the best grub in the city. See you this weekend! Check out all the details here.

Born and Raised

Unique New York, Unique New York. A place where everyone has a different story, adventure, and most importantly, a different culinary specialty.  Being the big melting pot that it is,  there’s no one food that hails as THE food of New York City, save perhaps the street hot dog, but let’s get real those get old after a while especially when there’s so much more on the streets to eat!


Our newest NYFTA member Born and Raised NYC is a magnificent example of this, bringing New Yorkers from every corner of the city together acting as a melting pot you can visit at lunchtime. (Oh and speaking of melting, they make the best quesadillas in the city.)  Specializing in flavorful delicious Latin comfort food, Born and Raised NYC is always grilling up the finest meats and produce, and melting it together in the tastiest cheeses the city has to offer.


Specializing in the classics quesadillas, Wraps, Burritos, and ofcourse Tacos for our Tuesday Instagram action. The finest most flavorful chicken, steak and chorizo. And should you feel the need to be vegetarian for the day (or if you’re a real vegetarian.) they have the tastiest cactus in Manhattan.

Book them for your next office party, birthday party, or whenever you have lots of hungry people who you know will appreciate the authentic Latin flavors of NYC!

- Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association